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We are Eclipse


Two celestial beings, the fiery male sun and the glowing female moon, dancing and flowing around one another in fire and light. 


Back from their contract performing in China, Eclipse provide professional fire, LED or daytime performances perfectly tailored to your next online or actual event.


Magic Mandalas (Emilija)

Emilija began her flow arts journey in late 2014, taking up hoop dance like a natural. As a trained dancer, she learned ballet from the age of 10 and has since practiced different styles of movement, including all types of yoga, folk dancing and hip hop. She incorporates many styles of movement in her memorable performances. She has performed at a number of well-known festivals and events around Australia including Secret Garden Festival, Lost Paradise, Esoteric Festival, Dragon Dreaming, Subsonic, Electric Gardens, Festival of the Sun and Meatstock. In 2019, Emilija was poached and contracted to perform at the most prestigious venue in Macau, China. 2021 has brought a range of opportunities leading Emilija to work at notable venues and events such as Sea Life Glow at Sea Life Aquarium (Sydney Solstice), Newcastle Fringe Festival, Circa 1876 (Hunter Valley), luxury estates as well as regular residencies at Since I Left You (Sydney CBD) and The Spot (Liverpool). With a taste for adventure and travel, Emilija’s dreams are limitless and she is looking forward the next global opportunity.

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Spyrol the Dragon (Joe)

Joe’s first experience with the flow arts arose after meeting Emilija in late 2016, seeing her hula hoop at Falls Festival in Byron Bay. He was immediately called to the performance world and took up Poi shortly afterwards before eventually stemming into Dragon Staff where his passion grew and engulfed him. Picking up Dragon staff as if it were an extension of himself, his fast progression was attributed to his experience in the fitness industry and his passion for movement, mobility and strength training. This connection has helped him develop his own unique, effortless style of Dragon Staff flow and branch out into other props such as poi and double staff. Joe has performed at large events across Australia including Lost Paradise, Esoteric Festival, Subsonic, Dragon Dreaming, Festival of the Sun, Meatstock, Electric Gardens and Secret Garden. In 2019, Joe was invited to perform at Macau’s (China) most prestigious nightclub venue. In 2021, Joe has continued to teach and mentor a growing group of dragon staff students to accelerate their progress. Ever expanding his skill set, he is keen to further explore the many opportunities that await worldwide.

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